22 août 2014


Power what is power?
Invisible, like air,
yet you can wear it as a crown
or pin it bejeweled on your gown

Power can you palpate power
and its manyfold faces
in gunshot-riddled walls,
in scabs and scars and tears

is it because
just because,
ants crushed beneath vindictive shoes,
just because

Where does it dwell
Is it power in towering spires
in the heavy silence of churches
in the din of blared words from mosques

everywhere the ladled weight of the single truth
encased in sanctity,
everywhere the zebra souls of men
behind bars and laws

they call it numinous
o most glorified muzzle
that draws the line between kin and kindling,
portraits and bestiaries

elusive can it be grasped only
in prostrate spines
whitewashed minds
die or submit

If it is like air
it is fuel
can mankind breathe
without it?


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